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I had a great day fly fishing and landed Pollack to 6 lb. The next day we took the Video Camera. Steve who works with me had not fly fished for 20 years. The wind dropped the Sun came out…

Extreme fly fishing for massive bonefish in Tahiti by gin-clear media. Visit for more details. Pesca a mosca extrema en polinesio con espectaculares imágenes.

Pure Saltwater Fly fishing in Cornwall. We left Toby at the Saltwater Fly festival and I went fishing with Toby and Toby !! Yes 3 Toby’s . Confusing eh ! I hope this micro movie captures the…

Tying a Sand Eel For Saltwater Fly FIshing With Tubeology. Used tubeology and bug bond uv resin with bug bond torch and semperfli large realistic fly tying eyes.

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